A Local Favorite: Bodega

Bodega has always been a favorite of Andrew’s and mine. With 47 craft beers on draft and a 4-hour happy hour that offers all of those drafts at half price, it’s hard to beat for any beer lover. But last year, Bodega closed for several months and underwent a major renovation. While the new design is much more open, accommodates more people, and allows for faster service, part of me still misses the character and ambiance of the old Bodega. That being said, the craft beer options and made-from-scratch food are still hard to beat.

Bodega Bar

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for good fried chicken, and Bodega’s smoked-fried chicken is no exception. The chicken is smoked in house and then either fried or grilled to your liking (but, I mean really, who’s choosing grilled over fried?). Served with cornbread, relish, pickled onions, and hot sauce, it almost makes you forget about the delicious draft beer you just ordered….almost.

Fried Chicken 2

The smoked-fried chicken boasts a wonderful combination of crisp, moist, and smoky flavors and textures. The hot sauce and pickled onions add a bit of a kick, in case the chicken didn’t pack enough flavor for you already. And to top it all off, a cornbread muffin drizzled in honey and a sweet corn relish. How can you say no?

Fried Chicken

Well, Andrew said no to the fried chicken and went with today’s special: an Italian sandwich served with fries and a pickle. Three types of cured meats were piled high on warm bread with cheese and banana peppers. It’s no smoked-fried chicken, but it’s a pretty good alternative.

Italian Sandwich

So, is it the same Bodega of last year? No. Are they still serving up delicious, made-from-scratch food with more beer than you can choose from? Yes. If you’re a beer and food lover in the Columbus area, definitely make your way to Bodega for a happy hour treat!



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