A Local Favorite: The Crest Gastropub

With all the microbreweries popping up in Ohio, gastro pubs with unique and extensive beer offerings have become somewhat common place. But of all the gastro pubs in Columbus, The Crest has to be one of my favorites. With a casual yet refined atmosphere, craft beer offerings both from Ohio and around the US, and a burger menu to satisfy the vegan, the carnivore, and everyone in between, it’s really tough to beat.

Let’s start with our appetizer: the ginger beer steamed mussels. musselsOk so I know I said this was one of my favorites, and the food here really is great, but I was pretty underwhelmed by these mussels. The ginger flavor wasn’t nearly as pronounced as the dish title suggests and I found the mussels themselves to be chewy and almost flavorless. There are so many delicious options on this menu, I’d say pass on the mussels and treat yourself to the brick dough mac and cheese or pulled pork sliders. You won’t be disappointed there.

Now, onto the good stuff. I decided to go with the cured salmon sandwich as my entrée. When the waitress set this dish down in front of me, all appetizer woes were immediately forgiven.

Salmon Sandwich CrestCrispy, toasted sourdough bread held smoky cured salmon, mouthwatering pickled onions, and a spicy Dijon shallot butter. Pair those dense, complex flavors with hand cut sweet potato fries, and you’ve got my new favorite meal.

Andrew decided to go a more classic route with the house burger. While I didn’t try this burger myself, I can only assume by how quickly it was devoured that it was just as good as my salmon.

DSC_0026So while I wouldn’t recommend the mussels, I would definitely recommend you still make your way over to The Crest if you get the chance. I know I’ll be back soon to sample as much as I can off of their unique, seasonally fresh menu.

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