My Whole30 Journey

Sorry everyone, no recipe today! As many of you know, I recently completed my first Whole30. Now, I want to avoid sounding preachy, but I really wanted to take a moment to share my journey and results from this month long experiment.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Whole30 diet, I encourage you to check out for more information. But basically, the Whole30 is a program designed to help people change their relationship with food and fight unhealthy habits and cravings. If you decide to venture into a Whole30 journey, you’ll spend your month eating lots of animal protein, fat, veggies, and some fruit. Doesn’t sound too bad right?

I started the Whole30 from what I thought to be a relatively healthy place. I ate a decent amount of veggies each day, cooked most of my meals at home, and logged all my food in my FitBit tracker. That being said, the Whole30 was not easy. Despite my previously fairly healthy eating habits, I still really enjoyed my bread, cheese, wine and chocolate. To add to my challenge, Andrew decided not to participate in my crazy journey so all those yummy items were still within an arms reach at most times.

The second week was the worst. Week one, the excitement of my new diet kept me going. But by week two, the excitement had waned and I found myself desperately craving some chewy, crusty bread. I kept my eyes on the prize though, focusing on the benefits I was hoping to see. So, 30 Whole days later, what benefits have I seen?

Honestly, even more than I anticipated. Since beginning my Whole30, I’ve found myself sleeping better and deeper and waking up with far more energy. This new found energy not only propels me through the day, but has allowed me to start working out in the mornings, a schedule I’d often aimed for, but never succeeded in.

My new found energy is only improved by my consistently good mood. I find I’m happier and more even-keel than before, with the ability to shrug off small things that may have set me off before.

I know many people begin their Whole30 with the goal of losing weight. While I did not focus on my weight either before or after the Whole30, I have noticed that I am considerably less bloated by the end of the day, even though I’m actually eating more than I had been before.

And the result I was most excited for? Allergies. Before the Whole30, I took allergy medicine year round and struggled with constant congestion. After just 30 days, I am no longer taking my allergy medication and have had no congestion, even at a time of year that used to be really tough for me.

Again, I don’t want to get preachy on you, but I feel so incredible since beginning my Whole30, I felt I had to share with everyone. Those results you just read — that’s not even everything I experienced. My frequent headaches are gone, my workouts are stronger, and I feel completely in control of my eating habits, just to name a few more. My relationship with food has truly changed and I find myself feeling constantly healthy and happy. Despite this fairly drastic alteration in diet, I do not feel deprived or like I’m missing out. I am now equipped with the tools to make smart, informed decisions about my food. And now that I’ve finished my first Whole30, the only things I’ve felt the need to try and reintroduce are sugar in my coffee, wine, and a handful of popcorn. Those bread cravings? Gone.

If you’ve ever considered a Whole30 or are simply looking for a way to improve your diet, I strongly encourage you to try. No matter how hard you think it may be, it’s only 30 days and I promise, you can do it.

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