A Local Favorite: Harvest Kitchen + Bar

We’ve had roughly 5 million days of rain in a row here in Ohio this summer. So, when the sun finally peeked out for a few hours last week, my girlfriends and I jumped at the opportunity to sit on a patio at Harvest in Clintonville and split a bottle of wine. Or two. And some pizza, burgers, and eggplant sandwiches.

Harvest has two locations: one in Clintonville and one in German Village. This is going to be your first tough decision if you decide to treat yourself to a trip to Harvest. The Clintonville location has a larger menu including some juicy burgers, creative salads, and even more unique appetizers. Harvest German Village cuts their menu down to mostly pizza with a few salad and appetizer options, but they’re connected to arguably the best place to get a cocktail in Columbus: Curio. I know, I know, life just isn’t fair sometimes. How are you supposed to choose between these two incredible options? Rest assured, whichever one you choose, you’re going to get an excellent meal.

On this Harvest trip, I decided to branch out from my pizza comfort zone and try a burger they had on special. Topped with greens, heirloom tomato, chive mayo, and bacon jam, I really couldn’t say no. I will have to be back to sample the gluten free pizza crust though.

Burger Side

Yes, that burger was as delicious as it looks. The Ohio-raised, grass-fed beef, was juicy and flavorful. And paired with the bacon jam….maybe I won’t be trying the gluten free pizza anytime soon. I don’t know how I could ever say no to this burger. Bonus points for a gluten free bun!


My lovely dinner companions opted for some just as incredible looking pizza and eggplant sandwiches. I didn’t steal any bites, but from what I heard, they won’t be changing their orders anytime soon either.

Eggplant Sandwich

Whatever you choose to indulge in, if you make your way to either Harvest location, you’re going to be a very happy diner. In fact, it’s probably safest if you go to both locations and sample everything on the menu. You’re welcome.

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